How do I draw and write on my assignment?

There are lots of tools for drawing and writing on your assignment!

To write, tap on the 'T' tab in the top middle of the screen and choose your text's font, size, color and whether you want it to be left, right or center-aligned. Then when you're ready, tap on the part of the screen where you want the text to appear and double tap inside the box to start typing. You can reposition the text box by dragging it around the screen with your finger. You can also go back and change the text font, size, colour and alignment any time by tapping on the box and changing these options.

To draw, tap on the pencil icon in the top middle of the screen and choose your crayon's color by dragging the crayon set to the left or right. Tap on the white dot to the right of the crayon set and move it up or down to make the stylus thicker or thinner. You can erase what you have drawn using the eraser button or by tapping on the back arrow to undo the last thing you drew.

Once you've finished, tap on ꞌTurn it inꞌ (green button in the top right of the screen) - this will ask you for confirmation just in case you tapped on the button by mistake!

Don't forget! if you want to work on an assignment without turning it in, tapping on the back button (top left of the screen) will automatically save any changes that youꞌve made until next time.


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