How can I view the assignments my teacher sends me?

Remember, you'll need to join a class before you can view any assignments sent!

Itꞌs really quick and easy to check out your new assignments....

  1. Open Handouts and log in as a student.
  2. If your teacher has sent new assignments for one of your classes, an icon will appear above the class showing the number of assignments that have been sent.
  3. Tap on the class for which you want to check assignments.  The number of assignments that have been sent will also be displayed in the 'My Handouts' tab.  Don't forget! to make searching easier, you can sort your assignments by newest, oldest or unfinished first.  Just tap on 'Newest first' (towards the top left of the 'My Handouts' screen) and select your preferred choice.
  4. Tap on the new assignment and get started!

Woohoo, you are now ready to complete an assignment!


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