How do I complete an assignment?

Remember, you'll need to join a class before you can complete an assignment!

In just a few easy steps you can complete your homework and turn it in - and all inside the app!

  1. Open Handouts and log in as a student.
  2. Tap on the class for which you want to complete the assignment.
  3. Tap on the assignment you want to complete.
  4. Use the writing and drawing tools at the top of the screen to complete your assignment. Don't forget! if you want to work on your assignment without turning it in, tapping on the back button (top left of the screen) will automatically save any changes that youꞌve made until next time.
  5. Once you've finished, tap on ꞌTurn it inꞌ (green button in the top right of the screen) - this will ask you for confirmation just in case you tapped on the button by mistake!

Ta daa!  The assignment will now appear as 'SUBMITTED' under the 'My Handouts' tab.  Donꞌt forget! you wonꞌt be able to view or open the assignment until it is sent back to you by your teacher.

Now just sit back and wait for your teacher to grade your assignment!


Write to us at any time you have questions!

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