How do I view a graded assignment?

To view a graded assignment.... 

  1. Open Handouts and log in as a student.
  2. If your teacher has graded assignments for one of your classes, an icon will appear above the class showing the number of new assignments that have been graded.
  3. Tap on the class for which you want to view your graded assignment.  The number of assignments that have been graded will also be displayed in the ꞌGraded Handoutsꞌ tab (towards the top right of the screen).
  4. Tap on the ꞌGraded Handoutsꞌ tab.
  5. Tap on the graded assignment you want to view.  If your teacher gave written comments, a 'Teacher Comments' button will appear in the top right of the screen - tap on it to bring up their feedback.

If you're logged into Handouts, we'll also send you a notification whenever your teacher grades and returns an assignment :-)


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