How do I send an assignment to my students?

You'll need to create a class, add students and create a new assignment before you can distribute an assignment! 

Sending an assignment takes just a few taps!

  1. Open Handouts and log in as a teacher.
  2. Tap on the class for which you want want to distribute the assignment.
  3. Tap on ꞌHandoutsꞌ (centre tab towards the top of the screen).
  4. Tap on ꞌSelect to Distributeꞌ (blue button in the bottom left of the screen).
  5. Tap on the assignment you want to distribute.
  6. Select the students to whom you want to distribute the assignment - you can choose a whole class or individual students.  Select a due date (optional), specify whether the assignment is Homework, Classwork, or any other kind of category of your choosing, and specify whether to distribute the assignment now or at a later time/date.
  7. Tap on ꞌSendꞌ (green button in bottom right of the screen).

Your assignment is now magically finding its way through the ether to your students!  Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for your students to return their completed assignments to you so that you can master the final phase in your simple classroom workflow: grading an assignment

Don´t forget! if you want to see what an assignment will look like to your students, you can always try a practice run by creating a fictitious student account.


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