What writing and drawing tools will my students have to complete an assignment?

Your students have lots of tools available for drawing and writing on their assignments.....

To write, students can create text boxes by tapping on the 'T' tab in the top middle of the screen and tapping on the part of the screen where they want the text to appear.  They can choose the text's font, size, color and alignment, and then double tap inside the box to start typing with the keyboard.  Students can resize and reposition the text box by dragging it around the screen, and once they tap off the box its borders will disappear, making it a handy tool to 'fill in' the blanks in assignments.

To draw, students can tap on the pencil icon in the top middle of the screen and choose their crayon's color by dragging the crayon set to the left or right.  They can tap on the white dot to the right of the crayon set and move it up or down to make the stylus thicker or thinner.  They can also erase what they have drawn using the eraser button or by tapping on the back arrow to undo the last thing they drew.


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