5. Grading and giving feedback


You'll need to create a class, add students and create and distribute an assignment before you can grade and give feedback! 

You're just a few taps away from completing your simple classroom workflow!

  1. Open Handouts and log in as a teacher.
  2. Tap on the class for which you want to grade assignments. The number of any ungraded assignments will appear in the thumbnail for the class. 
  3. Tap on ꞌInboxꞌ. The number of any ungraded assignments will also appear here.
  4. Tap on the assignment that you wish to grade. Don't forget! you can change the order of appearance on your screen to show ungraded assignments by newest, oldest, ungraded, Handout or Student by tapping on the current option towards the top left of the screen and changing it to your preferred choice.
  5. Use the tools at the top of the screen to review and grade the assignment. Tap on 'Portfolio' to add the assignment to the studentꞌs showcase portfolio. Tap on 'Draw' to bring up a range of color crayons to draw and write directly on the screen. Tap on 'My notes' to add private notes for yourself. Tap on 'Grade' to give the assignment, resubmit the assignment back to the student for completion or corrections (last option in the letter grades column -THIS IS A HANDOUTS PRO FEATURE-), or give written or audio feedback to the student by tapping on 'Feedback'. Don't forget! you can save and return to grading an assignment as many times as you like before returning it to the student by tapping on ꞌSaveꞌ (top right of the screen). Please note: pressing the back arrow (top left of the screen) will lose any changes that you have made.
  6. To finalize or save for now, tap on ꞌSaveꞌ (top right of the screen). Don't forget! you must give an assignment a grade in order to finalize the grading process.  Either select from the 'Grade' tab or use the option to Quick Grade the work.

YOU'RE DONE! Now all that remains is submit the graded work back to your students and then lather, rinse, repeat!  


Remember, if you have any questions at all, check our Support Desk or get in touch at support@handouts.in.

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